Finding great food has become somewhat of a luxurious problem here in Iceland as the restaurant culture exploded with increased tourism. The large variety of restaurant choices available can be difficult to explore and therefore we‘ve gathered them all in the same place, for your convenience. The Arinoa team truly believes that many of Iceland‘s fantastic restaurants still remain hidden pearls to those visiting our beautiful country and that our site, with it‘s simple yet powerful interface, will act as a food map that guides you to exactly the food you’re looking for.

When choosing a name for our product, we aspired to remove any association with the food industry. We agree with entrepreneur Jason Fried that a name doesn’t need to be descriptive, a cliche slogan, or an exclamation that has been used in thousands of different ways by thousands of companies. Arinoa is simply the name of our product, just as the name of the person writing this is Matthias! Arinoa is a strong and memorable name that is derived from nothing in particular and holds no specific meanings to anyone, no matter their language or background. We are certain that Arinoa will prove to be a name that lingers in the memory of our users, establishing a reputation for itself far beyond all borders.

We welcome you to Iceland and hope we can help you explore Reykjavik’s great food culture.