Matarkjallarinn – The Food Cellar

A friendly, laid-back establishment, famed for their variety of delicious Icelandic brasserie style food

The Food Cellar is a Grill & Cocktail bar, situated in a 160 year old building in the centre of Reykjavík. They like to think that the Food is for your body and the Music is for your soul.

The food is in the Icelandic brasserie style of food, elegantly prepared by their skilled and enthusiastic chefs, using the Icelandic finest ingredients.

Come and experience their SECRET MENU which will take you to heaven and back. The bar has a superb selection of fine cocktails, put together by  outstanding bartenders.


On weekends there is live dinner music coming from a mahogany grand piano made in 1880 in Vienna by the Bösendorfer Company.  As the evening fades out, the Food Cellar turns into cocktail club with an easy lounge feeling and live music.


The secret is theirs, for now, but it can by yours. The Food Cellar is an experience that puts Food in your Body and Music in your Soul.

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