Von mathús

Real Icelandic cuisine to be enjoyed in small town setting of Hafnafjörður

The idea behind VON can be traced back to the burning passion of chefs Einar Hjaltason and Kristjana Þura Bergþórsdóttir for cuisine and the operating of a unique restaurant. The available location and increased demand for a diverse and local foodculture were important factors in the making of Von as well. Von strives to offer different, season-based selections, solely using Icelandic cuisine traditions and ingredients.


Einar Hjaltason is a renowned chef, experienced in the kitchen having studied at the respect Grillið restaurant at Hótel Saga. He took part in creating what was to become one of the most popular restaurants of Reykjavik city, Sjávargrillið seafood restaurant before heading to London, opening the high end restaurant Dabbous which shortly after received a Michelin star. Einar then took on the role of head chef at Kol before finally getting to where he is at Von!

His wife and co-owner, Kristjana Þura, is born and raised in Hafnarfjörður town and she too has been involved in the restaurant industry for years before opening VON. When they found out an addition was to be made to the family in approximately 9 months, it was decided to settle in Hafnarfjörður and take part in the flourishing food culture of the beautiful town.

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